Unveiling the FKQ1800-14 BOP Control Unit by Dongsu

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In the realm of oil and gas extraction, safety and reliability are non-negotiable. Critical to this industry is the Blowout Preventer (BOP) control unit, a guardian against potential disasters. Today, we shine the spotlight on the FKQ1800-14, a remarkable BOP control unit crafted by Dongsu Petroleum D&E Equipment Co., Ltd. This article delves deep into the details of this project, highlighting the significance and impact it has had on ensuring the safety of oil and gas operations.

Project Introduction: The FKQ1800-14 BOP Control Unit

Manufactured in 2006, the FKQ1800-14 BOP control unit is a testament to Dongsu's unwavering commitment to excellence. Built to meet stringent industry standards, including API requirements, this project addresses the critical need for the maintenance and testing of BOP control systems.

Customer-Centric Service

Dongsu's approach to this project is defined by a customer-centric ethos. In line with this, their team of skilled engineers is dispatched for on-site service and maintenance, ensuring that the FKQ1800-14 operates flawlessly. This hands-on approach is a testament to Dongsu's dedication to customer satisfaction.

Rigorous Inspection and Reporting

After servicing, a comprehensive inspection of the equipment is conducted. The goal is to ensure that the BOP control unit is in peak operating condition, capable of performing its vital function in safeguarding oil and gas operations. Furthermore, Dongsu provides an OEM inspection report and a Certificate of Conformance (COC), offering transparency and assurance to their clients.

Dongsu: Pioneering Safety and Reliability

Dongsu Petroleum D&E Equipment Co., Ltd. is an industry pioneer, having dedicated over four decades to the development, design, and research of surface-mounted BOP control systems and related equipment. Their commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards is matched by their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Project Impact and Significance

The FKQ1800-14 BOP control unit has played a pivotal role in enhancing safety across the oil and gas industry. Dongsu's approach to this project is a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence. Through rigorous testing and maintenance services, the FKQ1800-14 ensures the reliability and effectiveness of BOP systems, crucial for preventing blowouts and mitigating potential environmental disasters.


Dongsu Petroleum D&E Equipment Co., Ltd. has set the benchmark for safety and reliability in the oil and gas industry. Their dedication to producing cutting-edge BOP control systems and their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is a testament to their leadership in the field. The FKQ1800-14 project serves as a beacon of safety and reliability, reflecting Dongsu's core values. In a world where safety is paramount, Dongsu stands as a reliable partner in ensuring the well-being of both personnel and the environment in the oil and gas industry.


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