BOP and Hydraulic Control Fluid

BOP and Hydraulic Control Fluid

  • Biodegradable
  • Used both on land and in sea
  • High performance
  • Non-toxic
BOP and Hydraulic Control Fluid
fluid control equipments

Water-Based Hydraulic Fluid Description

A water-based hydraulic control fluid specially formulated for both surface closed loop/return line blowout preventer (BOP) control system (land and offshore jack-ups and drilling platforms) and open loop hydraulic system in deep sea. The control fluid is biodegradable, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional oil-based fluid.

Fluid Control Solutions

BOP control system

  • Ground (Closed loop)
  • Deep sea (Open loop)

Fluid Control Equipments

  • Integrated hydraulic station of drilling platform
  • FPSO production cruise hydraulic system
  • Motion compensator
  • Seabed production control fluid

Fluid Control System Design

Aside from standard products, we provide customization products according to clients needs.

BOP and Hydraulic Control Fluid PRODUCT LIST

5 advantages of Hydraulic Control Fluid


1.Fire Resistance: Water-based hydraulic fluid has excellent fire resistance properties. The water component in the fluid helps to absorb heat and dissipate it quickly, reducing the risk of fire in high-temperature applications. This makes it a preferred choice in industries where fire hazards are a concern.

2.Environmental Friendliness: Water-based hydraulic fluid is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional oil-based hydraulic fluids. It has a lower toxicity level and is biodegradable, which reduces the impact on the environment in case of leaks or spills.

3.Improved Cooling Properties: The high heat capacity of water allows water-based hydraulic fluid to absorb and dissipate heat more efficiently compared to oil-based fluids. This helps in maintaining lower operating temperatures, preventing overheating of hydraulic systems, and extending the life of components.

4.Compatibility: Water-based hydraulic fluid is compatible with a wide range of hydraulic system materials, including seals, hoses, and gaskets. It can be used with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, offering versatility in system design and component selection.

5.Cost-Effective: Water-based hydraulic fluid is generally more cost-effective compared to some specialized fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. It offers a balance between performance, fire resistance, and cost, making it a viable option for various industrial applications.


Water-Based Hydraulic Fluid Applications

Water-based hydraulic fluid is mainly used in some occasions that require high performance of the hydraulic fluid system. It is specially designed to replace the traditional mineral fluid-based hydraulic fluid. Commonly used in fluid and gas extraction fields: hydraulic fluid systems for oil wells, drilling rigs, oil pipelines, etc.


The Main Steps of Fluid Control System Design:


Define system requirements → System design and selection → System modeling and simulation →  Hardware implementation → Control strategy development → System testing and optimization → System Maintenance and Updates


Reliable Hydraulic Fluid Supplier

We are a reliable shydraulic fluid supplier and manufacturers, providing the most professional hydraulic systems and fluid control equipment for oilfield drilling services. Our fluid control solutions are mainly used in oil wells, drilling rigs, oil pipelines, etc.


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