Choke Manifold Control Panel

Choke Manifold Control Panel

  • High reliability
  • Convenient maintenance
  • High mechanical efficiency
  • Running stability
  • Compact structure
  • Meet with API 16C specification
Choke Manifold Control Panel
choke manifold control

Necessary Equipment

Choke Manifold Control Panel is a necessary control device to control well kick and blowout successfully and implement the pressure control of oil and gas well.

Principle Description

DONGSU Choke Manifold Control Panel meet or exceed the design specification as specified in api 16C specification. The Choke Manifold Control Panel is used to open or close hydraulic choke manifold. Because it is equipped with wide temperature range digital meters, which has higher accuracy and better environmental adaptation, it is the best unit to carry out well control.

Main Components of the Panel

Choke Manifold Control Panel is mainly composed of control cabinet sensor, cable, hydraulic pressure hoses and other parts. And the control cabinet is composed of electric pump or pneumatic pump, manual pump, accumulator, check vavle,relief valve safety valve, stop valve,3-position 5-way valve, oil reservoir, digital meters and other special electric devices.

Choke Manifold Control Panel PRODUCT LIST

The choke manifold control system is the control device on the hydraulic choke manifold. We can provide pneumatic control equipment and electronic pneumatic control, which can remotely control the opening and closing of the hydraulic choke valve, and can be displayed on the choke manifold control panel. The standpipe pressure, casing pressure and switch position of the hydraulic throttle valve, if equipped with a pump stroke counter, can also display the stroke number and frequency of the three mud pumps respectively. Therefore, to maintain the balance of the bottom hole pressure, it is necessary equipment for successfully controlling well kick and blowout, and implementing oil and gas well pressure control technology.


5 advantages of Choke Manifold Control Panel


1.Control function: The choke manifold control panel has precise throttling control function, which can adjust the throttling opening and pressure in real time to ensure safe operation of the wellhead. It can adjust the flow of the choke as needed to control the wellhead pressure and fluid flow.

2.Safety: The choke manifold control panel has multiple safety protection functions and can monitor and control wellhead pressure, temperature, flow and other parameters. When parameters exceed the set safety range, an alarm will automatically sound and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent accidents.

3.Monitoring and display function: The throttling manifold control panel can monitor and display various parameters of the throttling manifold system in real time, such as pressure, temperature, flow, valve status, etc. The operator can clearly understand the status of the system through the display screen. And display it on the panel and make corresponding adjustments and decisions in a timely manner.

4.Remote control function: Some throttling manifold control panels also have remote control functions, which can operate and adjust the throttling manifold system through the remote monitoring system. This allows operators to control and monitor from a location away from the wellhead, improving operational convenience and safety.

5.Programmability: Throttle manifold control panels are typically programmable and can be configured and customized for different application needs. Operators can set up according to specific process requirements and operating procedures to meet different production needs and safety standards.


Choke Manifold Control Complies With API 16C Specification


Choke manifold control is an essential part of oil and gas drilling operations and is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 16C specifications. Our product line includes a range of fully integrated choke valves, kill valves and control systems that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your operation. 


Function of The Choke Manifold Control System

The main function of the manifold control system we provide is to reduce the flow of fluid and reduce the pressure in the pipeline to avoid pipeline rupture or other damage. Choke manifolds are widely used in hydraulic systems, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as various flow control and pressure regulation applications.



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