• Pneumatic control
  • Simple operation
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Long service life
  • High sensing accuracy
  • High shock resistance performance
  • Strong environmental adaptability
  • Meet with API 16C specification


Dongsu is a professional choke manifold control panel manufacturers, the choke manifold control panel meet api 16C specification,  with simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life, is a necessary control device to control well kick and blowout successfully and implement the pressure control of oil and gas. 
The choke manifold control panel can remotely control the opening or closing of the hydraulic choke valve, and the standpipe pressure, casing pressure and the valve position span of the hydraulic choke valve can be displayed on the panel of the control box. The transmitters of standpipe pressure, casing pressure and valve position adopt electric/pneumatic signal sensors, which have high sensing accuracy, high shock resistance performance, convenient installation, and meet the requirements of on-site explosion protection.


Function and importance


Well pressure control: The main function is to regulate and control the pressure in the wellbore. This is critical to preventing blowouts, well strikes, etc. and ensuring safe drilling operations.

Fluid Management: The operator uses a control panel to adjust the choke valve to manage the flow of drilling fluids or wellbore fluids to maintain the required pressure levels during drilling or completion.

Emergency Response: In the event of an emergency, such as a sudden increase in pressure or a blowout, the control panel facilitates quick response. The emergency stop system can quickly close the throttle valve and reduce the risk of accidents.

Monitoring and Data Logging: The panel continuously monitors and records data related to key parameters such as pressure, flow rate, etc. This information is invaluable for analyzing well performance and making informed decisions.

​Integration with drilling control system: Choke Manifold Control Panel is usually integrated into the overall drilling control system to achieve seamless communication and coordination with other components to form a comprehensive well control strategy.

Technical Data Sheet

Ambient Temperature(℃) 0-50
Operating Environment
Working Pressure(MPa) 4.2
Voltage(V) 220
Air Source Pressure(MPa) 0.5~0.8
Displacement of pneumatic pump
Length of Per hydraulic Hose(m) 15
Number of hydraulic Valve 1



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