BOP Control System

BOP Control System

  • Strong environmental adaptability
  • Mature technology
  • High reliability
  • Meet with Api Spc 16D
BOP Control System


bop control unit

Special Equipment

The BOP control unit for surface mounted BOP stacks is special equipment, which is used to BOP control , hydraulic chocks, kill system and diverter equipment, and indispensable equipment for BOP during drilling or work over in petroleum and natural gas industry.

A variety of models
for your choice

DONGSU BOP Control Unit meet or exceed the design specification as specified in API Spec 16D. More than 70 types of BOP Control System, whose controlled objects are from 2 to 15, are suitable for any difficult climate atmosphere or bad weather conditions in both onshore and offshore applications worldwide.

BOP Control Unit Support customization

Besides normal products described in function of all components, we can design special types of BOP control systems according to customer requirements.


5 advantages of BOP control units can include:


1. Safety: The BOP control unit is the key equipment used to control and operate the oil well blowout preventer system. It can ensure the safety of the wellhead, prevent blowout accidents, and protect the safety of workers and equipment.

2. Reliability: The BOP control unit is manufactured with advanced technology and high-quality materials, and has stable and reliable performance. It can operate normally in various harsh working environments and can quickly respond to and control the actions of the blowout preventer system.

3. Flexibility: The BOP control unit has flexible control functions and can perform various operations and adjustments as needed. It can realize the opening, closing, pressure control and other functions of the blowout preventer, and can adapt to different working requirements and wellhead conditions.

4. Easy to operate: The BOP control unit has a simple design, the operation interface is clear and easy to understand, and it is easy to use. Workers can control and monitor the status of the blowout preventer system through simple operations and instructions to improve work efficiency.

5. Easy maintenance: The BOP control unit has good maintenance performance and is easy to inspect and maintain. It is equipped with a fault diagnosis system and automatic alarm function, which can detect and solve problems in time, reducing maintenance time and costs.

BOP Control System is a critical part of the drilling process, and as a fail-safe component, the BOP Control System is critical to the safety of the drilling rig. We can provide you with the right choice for your most challenging drilling projects.


The Main Components of The BOP Control System

• Hydraulic Pump: Creates fluid flow in a hydraulic system by creating pressure.
• Accumulator: An accumulator unit is usually located close to the hydraulic pump and can be used to provide a temporary source of power when the hydraulic pump is not operating.
• Control valve: A control valve is a device used to regulate the flow and pressure of fluid in a hydraulic system. We can provide pneumatic control equipment, electro-pneumatic control, Wireless control


Meet With API Spec 16D Equipment


We offer BOP controls are meet API Spec 16D technical specification provides guidelines for the design, manufacture and testing of control systems used in drilling operations. He is used extensively in the oil and gas industry to ensure BOP control systems are designed, manufactured and tested to consistently high standards. This helps minimize the risk of accidents and injuries on rigs and ensures that drilling operations can be carried out safely and efficiently.


The Main Function of Hydraulic Choke Valve


The hydraulic choke valve in the BOP control system is mainly used to control the hydraulic flow to achieve precise control of the nozzle. The hydraulic choke valve can also stabilize the pressure in the blowout preventer control system, and reduce the pressure fluctuation of the hydraulic test system by controlling the flow rate of the liquid. This helps to improve the stability and precision of the system, so as to better ensure the spray quality of the nozzle.


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