Water-based Hydraulic fluid BOP Control System -Uganda Project

Case Introduction

In 2021, our company exported 3 sets of Water-based Hydraulic fluid BOP Control system FKDQ1280-8F to Uganda. It took 10 months from the inquiry to the order signing. In order to meet the local environmental requirements and ensure the required technical parameters, supporting scope and performance of the project, both parties fully negotiated on the technical requirements, quality control and responsibility, technical documents and technical services of the products.


The design of the project uses Water-based Hydraulic fluid as hydraulic source, the effective use of a stainless steel tank with a volume of at least 2500 liters, and the use of rust and corrosion resistant raw materials for production and manufacturing. The control system is composed of remote control unit, driller control panel, auxiliary driller control panel, alarm device and PLC control system, etc. The explosion-proof electrical equipment requires a class 1 ATEX or IECEX explosion-proof certification, which greatly improves the safety of the equipment.

DONGSU's Advantages/Core Competitiveness

  • Our company is one of the the earliest professional manufacturers of surface mounted BOP control system in China, with(28 patents) including the invention patent of Water-based Hydraulic fluid BOP Control system.  

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