Class A Well Control Maintenance Pressure Test Workshop

Case Introduction

In response to the customer's specifications, we diligently completed the production, installation, and debugging of all equipment required for the entire well control workshop within the specified timeframe. Our objective was to enable the workshop to perform essential functions such as cleaning, maintenance, and pressure testing of well control equipment as per the customer's needs. Our team ensured seamless integration and functionality to meet industry standards effectively. The completion of this project underscores our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations with precision and efficiency.



Docking with customers from the overall design, joint planning and layout.

Equipment production, software development, site installation and debugging ring closely.



Follow up from construction start to completion.


DONGSU's Advantages/Core Competitiveness

  • Rapid technical response, strong manufacturing capacity;
  • From the overall design to the completion and acceptance of the project, it only took four months;
  • Meet customer needs, get customer praise!

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